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Skin, as smooth as silk, would she quiver at his touch?
He looked forward to this day, so very much

Awaiting her arrival, anxiously, to greet her
It had taken him too long, to try to meet her

He had to build the nerve, to ask her on a date
Knew exactly where she’d be, had to lie in wait

Every Wednesday, the same routine, he didn’t waiver
Thoughts inside his head had said, he could be her savior

Watched her every move, a stalker, he’d become
Practiced every word, so she wouldn’t think him dumb

Hoped she’d notice him, before it was too late
He had every intention, of making her his mate

Finally, he approached, “Hi there, what’s your name?”
Knew from that moment on, she was his to claim

She looked at him, quite startled, then quickly walked away
He called out to her to wait, hoping she would stay

Faster and faster, she made her escape from this man
He was gaining on her, seems he had another plan

Caught her off guard, when she stumbled, on the walk
He tried to help her up, but, she continued to balk

She gave him a look, which was just a bit too wary
That was a mistake, so much for poor, dear Mary


May Writing Prompts – Wednesday’s with Mary – Day 8/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay