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A feeling of floating, amidst the clouds

Far, far away from the raucous crowds

Letting it lull me, into a sense of calm

The still of the water, tis my only balm

Mirrored reflections, a light in the dark

A journey unto myself, on this, I embark

And though my soul continues to seek

I realize, I am still one, among the meek

My heart, skips a beat, it longs ever more

For a way to stay, away from the shore

As I watch the day, up above me, shrink

It is then I realize that the sun also sinks

Beyond the horizon, she whispers goodbye

A wave of my hand, and a tear, from my eye

Awaiting the moment, she returns, ever bright

Lighting the heavens, and chasing the night


May Writing Prompts – The Sun Also Sinks – Day 5/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay