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Poor Anastasia T. Dragon, whatever did she do?
Got herself all tangled up, and didn’t have a clue
Met a nice wyvern, whose name was Christian Sway
Ana never knew that things, would ever go this way

Christian had a fetish, seemed he liked to take control
But Ana wanted no part of it, she found it rather droll
So he thought he would teach her, another thing or two
She thought he was crazy, decided to leave, before he knew

Sadly, she didn’t make it, he caught her on the way
“Excuse me, my dear Ana, I think you’d rather stay”
“No thank, my dear Cristian”, she said, so very snarky
“I think you’re full of yourself, more likely, malarkey.”

Christian didn’t like the way Ana spoke to him
Ana didn’t seem to care, which he thought quite grim
She got the best of him, rang him up for sexual harassment
And that’s how it all began, his fifty shades of embarrassment


May Writing Prompts – Fifty Shades of Embarrassment – Day 3/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo Via Pixabay