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They dared me to do, so, I couldn’t say no
It was off to the airplane, my parachute in tow
As well as my fly mate, his name was Joe
Who said we could jump when the pilot said go!

I was ready, just waiting, to fall from the sky
Just me in the air, and oh, yeah, the other guy
Who told me it is fun, it’s really cool to fly
Not what I thought, as my wife waved goodbye

Did she know something, and wasn’t telling?
Oh Lord, what on Earth, is that awful yelling?!
It’s me, I’m screaming, it’s air I’m expelling
As for dear Joe, I hope it’s not smelling…

When I finally calmed myself, I tried not to frown
Things were far below me, I think there’s a town
I wonder if my family will now think me renown
Dressed in this outfit, falling, all the way down

The land was coming closer, what’s he waiting for?
Pull the string! Hey Joe! I no longer wish to soar
It’s too early for me to be knocking on Heaven’s door
With a whoosh, parachute up, I smiled, once more?


April Writing Prompts – Dynamics of destined duos – Day 29/30

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo Via Pixabay