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We decided to try a new restaurant
It just opened, down at the mall
The line was long, and we were hungry
We couldn’t wait that long at all

Looking about, we had trouble
Finding another spot we could eat
When hubby shouted, “Let’s go there!
I could really use some meat!”

Everyone thought he had lost it
He was pointing to Veggies Galore
Surely he wouldn’t suggest they make beef
Without easily starting a war

When we finally reached the door
We realized it wasn’t a dream
An eggplant, picketing outside the place
Held a sign, “Eat Beef!” , it screamed

We could help but laugh at him
This purple veggie, was feeling so fine
Soon enough, the crowds showed up
So glad we were first in line!


April Writing Prompts – Uneasy eggplant episodes – Day 28/30

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo Via Pixabay