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Underneath my nice new boots
Well baked, in the Texas sun
A wad of gooey gobs of gook
Otherwise known as bubblegum

Some kid must have tossed it
Out the window of Dad’s truck
And just like that I stepped in it
And yelled, “What the heck?”

(OK so, that line didn’t rhyme
But this poem is rated PG
I’ll catch ya at another time
Off guard, cause that’s who I be)

I tried to walk across the street
But my boot just kept on stickin’
I hope I never find the kid
Cause I’d sure give him a lickin’

When I finally made it, to the other side
I looked around, for a stick on the curb
Scrapping the gum off the bottom
I had a face that looked quite disturbed

Excuse, mister, said a cute little girl
But I think you’ve stepped on my gum
I’m sorry if I messed them up on you
To her charms my heart did succumb

I told her it was quite alright
The gum wouldn’t stick forever
Took myself down to the local store
Chalked it up to another endeavor

I’m more careful these days
About where I put my foot down
I promised myself I’d pay attention
I sure don’t want to have sticky feet
So I’ve been practicing gum prevention


April Writing Prompts – Goopy gobs of gumballs – Day 22/30

Β©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo Via Pixabay