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Alyssa was caught in the act!

I thought it was safe, and no one was near

When all of a sudden, I saw Mommy dear

She had a hand on her hip, and a look in her eye

She caught me red handed, all I did was sigh

It’s a habit I have, each year, with a bunny

I bite off his ears, it makes him look funny

I know it’s not nice, but I don’t do it very often

Besides, it’s no good, if the chocolate does soften


It only happens on Easter, and it brings her such bliss

So, Happy Easter to you, from chocolate-faced Lys!


*No real bunnies were harmed during the writing of this poem… I can’t speak for the chocolate ones, though.  😉


April Writing Prompts – Funky fetishes – Day 21/30

Photo and Poem ©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved