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Whispers of wonder, beyond shadows, fall

Prismatic glow adorns the darkened trees

Lost to the wind, among mountains tall

Here is my heart, standing strong and free

Basking in the light, of the afternoon sun

I feel the warmth on my face, and it’s grand

How perfectly aligned I am, but not yet done

I still have much more I must understand

Flowers in the distance, seem to call my name

Across the lush green grasses, I wander closer

As I walk this sacred land, my soul is mine to claim

To this symphony, I am, my own composer

The forest sings to me, I’m as calm as I can be

Far beyond the realm of my command


Photo via Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt – Beyond
April Writing Prompts – Whispers of wonder – Day 20/30

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved