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Where once I followed many blogs, tis not the case today

Seems WordPress played around again, let some get away

Wondering why, I couldn’t see their posts, in my reader

Clicked the link on my desktop, no follow, WP, the ringleader

Perhaps it might be favorable, to beta test an update, before

You apply it to all of us, and send us “flying” out the door

Now I have to go back, try to remember who I’m missing

I promise you it wasn’t me, who started all this dissing!

So if you’ve missed me in your feed, take a look to see

If the Follow is a blasé grey, then, please click it, just for me!


Dear Lord, what a mess!!!  I couldn’t understand why I was missing so many of you in my reader, until The Haunted Wordsmith pointed out she had lost so many blogs she follows!!  Enough already!  leave the stuff that works ALONE!

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