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Whose idea was it, to make us dress like this?

Faces masked, thank goodness, so no one knows
Who the silly people are, hiding in these clothes

Bells strapped around us, we jingle all the way
This is so ridiculous, it’s not even Christmas Day

Someone made the suggestion, to be different
We weren’t counting on it, being this significant

Apparently, it’s tradition, to look like big blue trees
Oh dear Lord, hopefully, no one has to sneeze!

Imagine what would happen, if that does occur
Our costumes would go flying, in a big blue blur

I would hear bells ringing, but they’re only in my ears
People clapping on the side, wait! Listen to the cheers!

They think we planned it, but they should only know
How hard it really is to walk, with jingle bells in tow

Oh fine, I’ll play along, since everyone is smiling
Wave to the crowd, laugh out loud, just look at us

We’re stylin’!


April Writing Prompts – Outlandish suggestions – Day 16/30

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay