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Each night, as she approached the stairs

He would appear, but was not really there

Unsure, if it was simply her imagination

Wondering, if it was merely her own creation

Never could she find him, he was hidden well

Still, he held her, completely, under his spell

Spindles on the staircase, illuminated glow

Shadows in the hallway, dancing to and fro

Footsteps creaking, across the floor of tiles

They seemed to keep walking on, for miles

No matter where she turned, she was alone

The only sound around, a low, guttural groan

Twas the shimmer of a light, quite an eerie thing

Laughter at the doorway, made the doorbell ring

Why is it, he would toy with her, and scare her so?

Why was she chosen, perhaps, she’ll never know




©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0