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Rory (A Guy Called Bloke) graciously tagged me to continue this aging process, like I need help. Below, I’ll tag the next victim, er, poet/writer, to carry on…with the poem. 😉

Once the poem [Verse] leaves my blog, the next blogger along can take it where ever they want with regards their own four line verse but always staying on topic.

Got it?  Remember to tag another poet to keep it going!!
Topic: The Ageing Process

The Wrong Side of 40

Rory’s Bit

How l wish, that when l was younger,
My parents had been somewhat bolder,
Concerning the ageing process and the wonders,
Blunders, pitfalls and perils of getting older!

Dorinda’s Bit

Wrinkles in my skin have begun to bloom
I dare not look in the mirror much longer
Mom once said, child, you can forego this doom
Honestly, she couldn’t have been any wronger


My Tag Along is to Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet