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Imagine yourself swimming, in a bowl full of jello

You start to feel soothed, and somewhat mellow

You move your arms, doing the crawl as you go

Kicking and splashing, you move, to and fro

You’re trying to swim, but things get a bit sticky

Thus, finding out quickly, this is getting too tricky

You’re starting to slip, so you grab for the door

Oops! There goes the jello, rolling onto the floor!

Before it gets away from you, and you lose control

You try adding some fresh raspberries to the bowl

But they do not help, they’re just taking up room

And you realize the fruit, you’ll have to exhume

No worries, after all, they are still quite edible

And even jello without fruit, still tastes incredible

So try this next time, you crave this jiggly treat

Dip a spoon in, instead, and forget about your feet


March Writing Prompts – Swimming through raspberry jello – Day 12/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0