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It’s one of those days
When life throws a curve
And you’re simply too tired
To even try to swerve

Laundries piling up
Dishes need cleaning
All you can think of is
What is the meaning?

Of doing the same thing
Day after day
You decide that it’s crazy
No, it’s not okay

How can this happen
It never seems to end
So you pick up the phone
And you call up a friend

You tell them to come over
To have a coffee or two
Perhaps bring the cookies
That’s what you’d do

Then sit around the table
And hope for the best
When suddenly, kids
And everything’s a mess

They’re running around
Chasing and screaming
All you are hoping is that
You’ve really been dreaming

You tell your friend
You feel like Mother Hubbard
Then it happens, and, splash
The cat falls off the cupboard

Horrified, and soaking wet
She rushes out the door
It’s when you finally realize
You can’t take this anymore

You pack up your suitcase
Wave to hubby, “see ya later!”
He looks like you spoke French
And he needs a translator

Hop in the car, turn on some tunes
And drive around, for a mile
Let out a sigh, head back home
At least you got out for awhile


March Writing Prompts – Sorry, my cat fell off the cupboard – Day 4/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0