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It started out a quite dreary day
The weather was misbehaving
Seems poor Swifty was feeling it, too
Still, out in the rain, she’d be braving

She went a few feet, on top of the tar
But something just didn’t seem right
There was a clunk from her front end
Then on popped that dashboard light

The little thing that shows a tire
When the air inside has gone down
So much for adventures in Walmart
This made Swifty’s owners frown

Turning around for the station
Swifty kept up a steady pace
Waited for Neil to fill’er up
The station was a busy place

The light on the dashboard was steady
Yet, the gauge said the air was thirty-two
Maybe the problem was more than that
Neil and Dorinda weren’t sure what to do

Deciding to head up the highway
Swifty felt fine and was strong
The light on the dash was still glowing
Yet, Swifty was moving along

Her first stop would be Joann’s fabrics
To pick up a notion for fixing some gear
Then they’d head off to Home Depot
But something did happen, oh dear!

The wheel was sputtering and shaking
Swifty was losing some control
Stopping to see what had gone wrong
Seems the air had escaped, as a whole!

The tire was flat, as flat as could be
There was nothing to do but park
Pull out the donut from the trunk
With a few unmentionable remarks

Grab the jack and the lug wrench
If something else could go wrong, it did
Only half the jack was in its space
Poor Neil, started flipping his lid

So they dialed the kiddies, hoping for a save
But each was not able to help them
One had no car, the other was too far
Things were starting to look mighty grim

When out of nowhere, he was standing
A gentleman and his two sons
He held a jack from his own trunk
Pretty soon they had it all done

Neil tried to give him some cash
A thank you for saving the day
The gentleman replied,
“I’m a pastor, God simply has sent me this way”

He blessed us both before he left
Said he did what any man should
Next time you think He’s not watching
Look around, you’ll see, God is so Good!


A Note: I’m sure, by now, you’ve figured out Swifty is my husband’s car. She wound up with a flat tire, the jack was missing the main piece of the crank (we bought the car used), and this lovely man, Santos, and his family, stopped without hesitation, changed the tire, blessed us and were on their way.  God truly is watching over.  My faith has grown even stronger by this act of kindness.   I also have the mass times for his church.  You can bet I’ll be there to hear him preach!

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0