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What tales can you tell, and how far did you roam?

Tossed about, in the waves, collecting the foam

Sifted, with the sands, tis where you lay, in waste

How sad, the rest of you, must have been misplaced

Drifting on the open waters, tarnished by the sea

Do you wonder where, and why, this is your place to be?

You wait, and hope, for someone, to find you most attractive

Perhaps a coffee table piece, one that’s quite abstractive

I think I rather like the way, you look here, on the beach

I’ll tuck you underneath the rocks, and keep you out of reach

From the tides that wander in and out, with never any care

I don’t wish them to take you back, they have had their share

I changed my mind, I’ll take you, I know the perfect place

You can decorate my garden, tucked in the perfect space


Afterwards January Prompts – Driftwood – Day 25/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay