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She blends with glass, stained and downtrodden

Roaming the sacred halls, with those, misbegotten

The face so hopeless, sadly, no smile on her lips

She, a ghostly figure, marked, for eternal unbliss

Brick covered walls, will keep her safely inside

Painted on flowers, create a scene, she confides

In her imagination, lets it take flight, in this place

She wants only to stay, as she longs for embrace

Yet, roaming about, she leaves no trace behind

She keeps to herself, in the hopes, she can find

The one thing she misses, in this ungodly world

But, afraid to find it, keeps her heart, tightly furled

Til, alas, she gives up, and gives in, such a shame

This pretty young maiden, they don’t know her name

For none claim to see her, even though she is there

Seems they only feel coldness, surely, tis Liza’s despair


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent – Imagination