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Just me, being silly. Can’t be serious all the time 😉

Hey, it’s me again, the middle of the week

That day a silly camel always likes to speak

Not sure, who chose him, to be my voice

Apparently, I was never given the choice

But that’s okay, see, he’s letting you know

Yippee! We only have two more days to go

Before the weekend hits and we can party

Consuming alcohol makes us fool hearty

Then Sunday ends and we start to moan

Going back to work always makes us groan

Soon it’s me again, guess what day that is!

Come on, you know the answer to this silly quiz

So, let’s count the days until, Friday’s here

When we can imbibe, on Jim and Jack! Cheers!


Afterwards January Prompts – Wednesday – Day 9/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved