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It swirled, like an eddy, from deep below

Took everything with it, in the undertow

Gulls hovered over, in awe of the sea

Tried hard, not to become, what would be

Such turbulence, they had never seen

Deep in the waters, this swirling green

Pristine white, its crests swayed, to and fro

How much it would engulf, was hard to know

We watched from above, afraid to go near

Lest the sea swallowed us, this we did fear

Mesmerized by its beauty, awed by its sight

It activated our senses, to flee out of fright

Still, there we waited, wondered, would it make good

Then we watched it take over, the place where we stood


Afterwards January Prompts – Turbulence

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved