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As a follower of all things magical and mythical, Colleen Chesebro had me at the title. “Fairies, Myths & Magic” is a wonder-filled collection of poetry and prose, ending with the Summer Solstice. Colleen touches on the plights of the Earth, damaged by human hands, particularly, the honey bees. In the poem “Wet Ink”, she takes you to Pearl Harbor through a tattoo artist with magical hands. In one short story, you’ll meet a sly fairy who tries to cast a love spell on his female friend.  Oh, the fun of this tale!

Colleen weaves tales of fairies and pixies, spells and promises, with imagery that takes you into the story, as if you were one of the characters, all the while teaching you about the points of a Septagram and the magic of this fairy star. My very favorite story in this book is, “Halloween Havoc”. As an October baby myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the lightheartedness of this tale, especially the ending. It had me smiling and laughing, as the story kept me entranced.

Colleen Chesebro’s use of different poetry forms keeps the reader interested, and adds a nice element to the book, one that will keep you turning the pages. I found it difficult to put down!

This book was given to me by the author. I truly enjoyed her tales and poems, and I highly recommend this book to any and every one. Even if you don’t believe in fairies and magic, you will when you’ve finished this masterpiece of writing.

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