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I walk the path, far into the woods, and suddenly lose my way. Ahead, I sense an energy, one I haven’t felt all day. I see it rising, high above me, covered in moss from the land, and realize I am no longer lost, for this stone shows the path, well planned.

It tells me to journey onward, no need to fear this place; for here is where the spirits dance, how I long to see their face. I marvel at this majestic sight, on a marble slab, it stands; and with its mighty energy, I bow, and clasp my hands.

Allowing those around me, to channel their way through; and thank the kindly forest, for keeping them, here, so true. I best be on my way, I have other places to see; however long it takes me, I have found my energy.

For in this forest, serenity, as the spirits take control; and I shall return, again, one day, for I am one, now, with its soul.



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Photo ©Sue Vincent