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In this house, there is an empty room
Where a lost spirit lingers, and spies
On the only ones, who know she’s there
For they can hear her blood curdling cries

Each night, before the midnight hour
She finds herself, by the panes of glass
Pulling the drapes, aside from the wall
She lets out evil screams, en masse

The only light that shines, is far
So, no one sees her where she stands
And those below, never hear a sound
But she knows much better, firsthand

She is only meant to frighten the ones
Who dwell in this house, once hers
Determined to rid them from her abode
Every night the dreaded sound does recur

Hoping to chase them out of this place
She whispers, eerily, for this is her plight
“Get out, or I will scream forever more”
Nightmares, chase the dreams, outright


October Writing Prompt – Curdling cries – Day 23/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0