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The lovely Helene of Willow Poetry has challenged us with “What do you See?”.  You may write a poem, haiku, tanka or short story that represents what you see or feel within you.  More info can be found in the link below.

In keeping with the dark theme that always accompanies Halloween, I have written this poem.

An open door, in which to climb

Barred by metal fences, twined

I can only peer into the dark

And hope the sun creates a spark

To light the inner chamber, where

So many have be locked, in there

Let me free them, from this cell

Unlock these wicked Gates of Hell

Where no man, has been freed

Thrown aside, for sins, and greed

But I know better, the Devil’s game

Sadistic, he, never taking blame

I’ve called him out, I’ve come to fight

To save these humans from their plight.

But who will come, to rescue me

And save me from this…insanity


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Willow Poetry