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There in the middle of perfect hedges
Sitting around the table, having tea
A family of three darling leprechauns
Conspired as to what next would be

Humans would gather later this month
To have a run through their walls of green
Of course, they would always get lost inside
And make the most unpleasant scene

Little kids crying, for mommy and daddy
Mom and Dad screaming for them to behave
Panic would set in, when they all realized
They were stuck, and would need to be saved

From the bushes, suddenly, closing in on them
And the paths disappearing from view
They heard the laughter of something unusual
And they knew not what they should do!

So, Mom, Dad and the kiddies kept walking
When, at last the middle, they came upon
They were no longer lost, though never were found
Tis what happens in the labyrinth of the leprechauns


October Writing Prompt – The labyrinth of the leprechauns – Day 8/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0