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Stop! Right there, it’s a big mistake!
We are definitely not dinner for you
Go find another to make you a steak
Better yet, go eat a vegetable, or two

We’re a happy couple, the bull and I
We like laying around in the grass
But humans, in the blink of an eye
Don’t care about being so crass

Seriously, folks, go try something new
Wake up your taste buds, delight them!
Perhaps some kale or broccoli will do
Go on, go ahead, and just bite them!

Forget about meat, no burgers, no veal
Peppered steak, is not on the menu
Veggies will do, for your very next meal
A baked potato, a salad, and tofu

C’mon, can’t you see how cute we are
Just laying here, together, we plead
We’re too young, to write our memoir
Leave us be, or we’ll surely stampede!


September Writing Prompt – Peppered steak – Day 20/30

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0