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I was hungry one day, not much in the house
Walked into the kitchen, met up with a mouse
Seems he was looking, for the same thing as I
Sorry, little buddy, nothing here, so goodbye

He scurried about, then was off on his way
Hoping I wouldn’t see him, for the rest of the day
I opened the fridge, to figure out what I had
Lettuce, some cheese, a tomato, not bad

I even found ham, and a burger roll to boot
Started making my lunch, when I heard a horn toot
My neighbor stopped by, new car, shiny black
Waved her off with a smile, as I had to get back

To finishing my sandwich, my belly couldn’t wait
But the mouse found it first, too bad it’s not bait
He poked his head out, from between the layers
Seems my little buddy, turned into a betrayer

Took a wedge of cheese, I had tossed in the can
Put it on the counter, hoping he’d be a fan
After all, what rodent, doesn’t like cheese
A nice of chunk of Swiss, would surely please

Then, just when I thought, I had him trapped
He ducked back in my sandwich, and I snapped!
How dare he take, what was left of my kitchen?
Was he laughing at me, when at him I was bitchin’?

I’ll fix him, I said, as I threw out my sandwich
And with it, little buddy, I tossed him, he’s banished
But silly old me, now I’ve nothing to eat
That four legged critter, somehow, had me beat

Cause he was munching my lunch, the one in the trash
Chomping away, I could hear his teeth gnash
A lesson learned, from this food stealing mouse
Never let them live, as a guest, in your house


September Writing Prompt – Sneaky and Cheeky – Day 12/30

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Background via Pixabay CC0