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As I walked through the forest on this somewhat dreary, gray day, I stumbled upon six stones forming a circle. The largest stone looked more like an altar. I imagined many a chanted prayer was spoken here. You could feel the vibrations emanating from them. The surrounding area was very quiet. Not even the wind spoke in this sacred place. I walked around to each stone, hoping to find some clue as to who this circle belonged to. I touched the first stone, and every stone thereafter, until I got to the large one. I pondered, should I touch it? Would I be disturbing its spiritual meaning?

I stood, backing away, more toward the middle of the circle, and closed my eyes. Each stone sang to me, a lyric I had not heard before. Each song different from the other, I found myself lost in the bewitching melodies. Were the stones speaking to me, the ancient spirits who dwell here, letting me know I was welcome?

With an overwhelming joy, I held my hand to my heart, felt the wisdom of each stone, felt the peace of the altar, and the most powerful feeling of all, being accepted into a circle of love I had never known before.


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