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As an ostrich, I roam around this place
Struck behind fences, not enough space
Come on, look at this adorable face!
Actually this is all quite unplanned

I really don’t have much of a choice
It’s not like I have a good singing voice
In fact, there is no reason for me to rejoice!
So you see, sometimes life’s not so grand

I always look like something is wrong
How would you feel, if your neck was this long?
No, I’m not a giraffe, and I have no birdsong
I make noises that sound rather bland

Don’t get too close, I’ll peck at your head
Instill a sense of fear, and some dread
Go look at the others, over there, instead
I’m really more than you can withstand

Just leave me alone, let me wallow away
The hours I spend, upright, every day
I really don’t care, what it is that you say
I’ll just stick my head, here, in the sand


August Writing Prompt – Cantankerous Cuties – Day 15/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0