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I have dragged myself up
Climbing steps, to the top
Far, from the valley, below
Determined, I’ll never stop
I have a few more steps to go

Let me reach the castle, high
Finally, stand upon the summit
I breathe in, and let out a sigh
As the ground below me, plummets

For the view from above, is splendid
Though the feelings, here, full of strife
As mountains, paint the landscape
I see the visions, once a beautiful life

For here, there stood a fortress
Now, only a single wall remains
Still, the battle cry of victory
Can be heard, across the plains

If you listen very carefully
You’ll hear the spirits, from long ago
Whispers, of how the brave stood fast
Guarding the summit, in its afterglow


Join Sue, every Thursday, as she delights us with a new photo (or two)!  Thanks again, for another beautiful photo prompt!

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent