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An open portal, a light shines through
Illuminating the walls, but who

Has opened up, this once locked door
And casts no shadow, upon the floor

No figure leaves its shape or form
Surely, this is not the norm

So I approach the space with care
Afraid, of what I might find there

Footsteps clack, upon the stone
Now I know, for sure, I’m not alone

And yet, there’s no one standing near
I wait, for someone to appear

Hold my breath, try not to blink
What little courage, begins to sink

The light, again, begins to grow
I turn, but there’s no place to go

Only one way out, the door, awaits
It seems, at last, I’ve sealed my fate

The signs, have all been crystal clear here
And now it seems, I’ll disappear here

I had no reason, to enter his tomb
The castle has spoken, my certain doom


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0