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Locked away, a mind, alone
Why she’s here, must not be condoned

They took her, from her family, where
She lived, in sin, a life, unfair

Mother made her wash the beds
Father, made her lie, instead

Abused, now merely an empty shell
How could he put her through this hell?

A man, she trusted, left her bare
Tangled up, in strands of hair
He laughed, as she cried, in despair
Wishing to wake from this nightmare

One day, she ran, into the street
Finally admitting, this was her defeat

Calamitous screams, they ran to her side
Standing there naked, she’d no sense of pride

Sirens came calling, the jury was heard
Guilty, they said, was the only word

Grateful, she smiled, for saving her life
No longer abused, no longer in strife


The Daily Post – Guilty

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0