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I was honored when Sue asked me to contribute my stories to her “Elusive Realities” series. So many of us have had encounters with spirits, and most shrug it off as coincidence…but it’s not. I hope you enjoy my stories. Thank you, Sue, for allowing me to share this with your readers ❤

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Pixabay

It happened in the living room of an old boyfriend’s home.  We were sitting on the sofa discussing odds and ends, when I mentioned that I sometimes could feel my Nana (maternal grandmother) nearby.  He looked at me rather oddly, asking where she lived.  I replied “Heaven”.  We chatted a bit more, he not saying anything remotely close to the spiritual world, and then it happened.  The scent of perfume floated by us.  He asked me if it was me, as I had been fishing in my purse for something.  I just smiled, and waited.  Across the room, his black cat sat on the arm of a rocking chair.  The rocker began moving, the cat hissed and ran from the room.  Nana had made her presence known, even to a non-believer.

Another time, my daughter and I were upstairs, each in our own rooms.  She was napping.  On…

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