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This poem, I sigh, is the last one
For M‘s crazy month of prompts

She had us going everywhere
With verses, quite the romp!

We wrote of purple nurples
And pink poodles, those crazy pups

Myrtle just kept moaning, poor gal
With Guzzling Gary, we couldn’t keep up

I could just go on and on
In fact, I’m pretty sure I did

Time to wrap this poetry
On top, I’ve put the lid

It all amounted to simply this
Fizzy Whizzys and Galloping Gadzooks

Now, it’s time to end this poetic March
Think I’ll down some Jamba Juice!


March Writing Prompt:  Jamba Juice – Day 31/31 – Another month in the books! April’s prompts are awesome. Can’t wait to see what everyone writes! 🙂

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0