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As her eyes reflect, the azure sky

And time just seems to tumble by

She’s still a child, so full of wonder

That no man, ever, shall put asunder

Let her breathe, inhale the land

Reaching up, to the heavens, grand

Watching, as the clouds roam free

Then disappear beyond the tree

She sighs, at the beauty, shown above

And marvels, at the cooing, of a dove

She prays for man, may he find kindness

That God remove, his human blindness

And let him see, what she does see

Her Heaven, this, she knows to be

As through the day, she lives her dreams

For her God knows, it is she, he’ll redeem


Author’s Note: This picture was drawn by 13 year old Alison Raines. She is spreading her wings with her artwork, and I am thrilled to have the honor of putting words to it. I hope I did her justice. Thank you, Ali, for allowing me to use your drawing. ❤

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Artwork ©2018 Alison Raines – All Rights Reserved – Used with Permission (from her mom, too)