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No matter how hard she would try
She couldn’t get rid of her glitches
She’d waddle around, like ducks do
But eventually, wind up with stitches

Poor Matilda, was in need of a bubble
To keep herself from constantly falling
Today was no different than the others
This time, the poor dear met her calling

She tripped over her own two feet
Couldn’t upright herself, needed help
But all she could do was flap and weep
And let out a pathetic little yelp

When all hope had seemed to fade away
She looked up and saw him standing there
He extended his paw, to help her up
Matilda took it, without nary a care

Now they sit by the tree, quite merrily
No reason for either of them to groan
Happy ever after, they live, quite verily
Just two glitches, whose stitches were sewn


March Writing Prompt:  Stitches of Glitches – Day 14/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0 – amended by me