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It sucks to live inside this pain
I wish it would go away
No clue as how tomorrow will be
I live with this, day to day

It’s silent, so you can’t see it
Trust me, it’s there, how I know!
Please understand what I’m saying
This is something I’ll never outgrow

There’s this fire that burns inside me
A fire that will never go out
It’s been 12 long years of questions
And I’m still not sure, what it’s about

Depression’s a very big part of it
It’s hard to be happy, you see
But I try my best to wear a smile
So people will see only me

I’ve often wondered why
God chose me to take on this fight
I’m sure he had a good reason
Though what it is, is not black and white

I battle each day to move forward
Trying hard not to let it get me down
Sleepless nights always follow me
The sandman, perhaps, has left town

I’m in no way looking for pity
It would never describe who I am
Just consider what lives inside of me
And for God’s sake, give a damn

Don’t go off, talking, behind my back
I’m not lazy, it hurts just to move
Think twice before you judge me
You see, to you, I have nothing to prove

Only to myself, do I answer
And to my Lord, who I endlessly trust
Take time to understand, I’m human, too
Being cruel just makes you unjust

I will continue to fight this battle
I refuse to throw down my sword
If I can make one person understand
That would be more than any reward


If you’ve read this far, I thank you!  The links below may better help you understand the silent diseases many of us live with.  All I’m asking is that you always remember to be kind to others.  We are all fighting our silent battles.

Transverse Myelitis
Sjogren’s Syndrome
Bipolar Disorder

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0