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Look at the goodies, we grabbed up today

All from the neighbors, who live down our way

We just couldn’t wait, we weren’t that strong

We ate all the candy, although it was wrong

Slurping up chocolate, what a hideous sight!

Charlie kept burping, the rest of the night

Til we all made it home, alas, to our beds

But all of the sugar had gone to our heads

We couldn’t sleep, this wasn’t right

To be in our house on this Halloween night

So we all sneaked out, round the neighborhood

Hoping again, we would find something good


Writing Prompt: Slurps and Burps – Day 31/31 – Can you believe it!  31 days of writing prompts are over!!  Thanks for all the fun, Michelle!  Now, where are November’s writing prompts?

©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0