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There was no other way to describe her
Rather pitiful, was what came to mind
A lady should never be locked out
Gentlemen must learn to be kind
Every day, no words would be spoken
Destitute, bewildered and broken
You have to wonder how this can occur
She held onto the rose, so tightly
Painfully feeling the thorns
Everything she knew, was gone
Leaving her sad, and forlorn
Love was all that she wished for
Even her harlequin heart knew why
Desperately seeking happiness
Melancholic, all she did was cry
I tried to comfort her, offered my hand
She refused me, so sad to see
Every bit the lost soul, as she sat and waited
Reminded me only of me
Yearning, no longer to be, a forgotten, sweet tragedy


Writing Prompt: Tragedy Spelled Misery – Day 19/30

Β©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0