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Author’s Note:  I blame my muse for this one, written at 3:30AM.  She has been a bit wild lately and definitely needs a good talking to.

Ever wonder the probable cause?

Why women deal with menopause?

Listen closely, yes, come near

Something every man should hear

You’re the reason, for the rage

That we go through, as we age

M.E.N., make no mistake

You give us such a belly ache

Our hormones are so out of whack

There’s even trouble in the sack

Where once the romance was so true

These hot flashes are not meant for you

Forget the gym, no need to sweat

Nighttime leaves us soaking wet

To all the guys who love us so

There’s one more thing that you should know

These changes? Yes, we must endure

For science cannot find a cure

So, expect these rants, again and again

Seems our problems all begin with MEN!


©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0