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A tremor, of which, there is no control

Wrestles my being, invading my soul

Carries me down, into the darkened abyss

How much longer, can I go on like this!

Looking for mercy, from the pain that’s inflicted

The horrors, and heartache, that have me restricted

No movement can ease, this demon inside me

Under my pillow, perhaps I can hide me

From dealing with this, again and again

And others who look, with obvious disdain

They know not what it is, I am truly feeling

Or how much destruction, I’ve been concealing

Am I never to find the answers I seek?

Or is it just that I’ve gotten much too weak?

Should I try to put this pain, and misery to rest?

And forget all this time, I am still quite oppressed


©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0