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“It’ll be easy, you’re such a natural!”

Then why was it I stood, in front of a crowd of people I had known for so long and I froze. Yep, frozen solid. No eye contact, not even a blink. I was locked in total paranoia, not able to unbolt the latch that held me rigid on the stage. I felt numb, like my body had been taken over by a tub full of gelatin, only I wasn’t jiggling. I was a mere block of ice. Trying to control the fear, I slowly began to breathe, feeling myself thawing, breaking through the facade, and finally, speaking. But when I looked up, the room was nothing but a vapor. Apparently, while inhaling and exhaling, I had blown the cold out of my body, into a heated room and created a steam bath….I would never speak again.


©2017 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0