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girl-worried-1215261_960_720You will never see
the silent pain, or the broken souls
who question why
Or how or what
they did to deserve this
enormous disruption of their lives.

Independency taken
away in the blink of an eye
and never an understanding
It becomes a constant battle
to make those around them perceive
the reality.

The glares of the accusing
unaware, of the horror within
the courageous body before them
They poke and tease
with disbeliefs and “you look fine”s
without an inkling or thought
as to what they suggest.

But the strong do not give up, do not stop
the fight against a villain
who showed unwelcomed one day
They struggle and confront the world
that looks upon them unsure, skeptical

They are brave and fierce people
who will not let this malady define them
who will not let the constant depression
sadden the brightest days
Who choose, instead, to be an inspiration
to others who fight a similar battle
with compassion, caring…hope

Dedicated to those who fight a silent battle, whatever it may be.  God bless all of you.

©2014 Dorinda Duclos  All Rights Reserved