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I stand upon the mountain, high
And watch the moon command the sky
Most times I sit and wonder why
No one else sees what I see

Fireflies, dancing in the night
A sunset of color provides the light
I try my best, with all my might
To let my soul be free

I brought my guitar to serenade
Until the last tune has been played
And every note I have conveyed
Means more, to some degree

But smoke filled skies choke the air
Somewhere, I saw a city there
Once alive, now more despair
Please, someone answer my plea

To stop the carelessness of ways
To bring about much brighter days
No war, no hate, no trees ablaze
Instead of this apogee….



I realize….

These are not fireflies flitting about
Only embers that won’t burn out
The sky is not from sunlit views
Just smog and soot we can’t diffuse
I strum the strings to no avail
The music, hidden, behind the veil

I wonder if I try to shout
Will anyone even hear me…?


Β©2022 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by peter_pyw from Pixabay