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Watching from round the corner
Trying to make sense of the scene
A witch and her faithful companion
Must nearly be Halloween!

She’s never been invited
Much too poor to be included
Lived much of the time, alone
In the forest, she was secluded

A raucous crowd in costume
Dances about the village square
“I think we should stay right here
Let them stay over there!”

A smile comes to her lips
As the moon shines full above her
While lantern flickers, candle drips
She hopes they will uncover

What she set aside for them
Earlier that very day
When she strolled through the town
With the kiddies she did play

Imagine what they would think
If they knew it was she who dared
To cast a spell on them, tonight
On second thought, she never cared

What the town folk thought of her
She lived her life a quite happy witch
Potions brewing, cauldron spewing
Those indeed, made her feel rich


©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Angeline 1 from Pixabay