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How bittersweet the memories stay
Wasn’t I a child just yesterday?
Laughing in the yard, where I’d play
But the grass is no longer mine

Momma made this house her own
In turn this was the place I’d grown
Now these moments are mine alone
Kept tucked inside my heart, I pine

I try to focus, but I just stare
No pictures hang, the walls are bare
Each one removed with utmost care
Those empty hooks, left behind

I close the door, in my stomach, a pit
On those front steps, never again will I sit
I never thought I’d be so hard hit
Perhaps this was all by design, that

I find myself grown up, too fast
I want to go back, relive the past
But seems my future has been cast
So in my soul, this place, I enshrine

How I looked up to you with nothing but love
Now you watch over me from Heaven above.

I miss you so very much, Mom…


Authors Note – Today I close on my childhood home.  It will be the last time I walk the hallways & smile at the memories, so I shall cry at the finale.

©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by rafaelmm from Pixabay