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UPDATE:  The person who tagged my blog has removed the link back and the problem has been solved (I hope).


I decided to look at my site today on my desktop computer and discovered another site that had linked back to mine has plopped a photo of a lighthouse on EVERY FREAKING PAGE!!!  This is only visible on a desktop or laptop.  It doesn’t show on the phone or the WP App.

The photo is not in my media so I can’t delete it.  There is no code visible to me in the editor. I am so pissed right now!!

I unapproved the link back, but nothing changed because it’s still linked on their page.  I messaged them but have not heard back.  I also contacted our lovely Happiness Engineers, and haven’t heard from them as of yet

Is there a way to block a site from mine?  I did it once before from the App but I don’t see it anymore.