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As this poem has become somewhat of a tradition, and we are experiencing our first snowfall, it’s only right I should share this once again!!  Enjoy!

OJ French Toast
I still don’t have the answer
To a question asked
So long ago
Why do you buy milk, eggs and bread
When someone mentions snow?

Does this sinfully sweet
Breakfast fare
Make us become a little manic
If we don’t get the ingredients
Do we all begin to panic?!

Do the slices of bread
With their cinnamon swirl
Remind you of riding a sled?

Or the soft golden butter
Melting over the top
Remind you of warm days ahead?

Do the fluffy white flakes
Falling down from the sky
Remind you of powdered confection?

Or the syrup that’s oozing
Dripping over the sides
Remind you of sweet perfection?

I want to know the simple truth
About this French Toast story
I’m pretty sure it’s not just snow
That gives it all its glory


Here’s the original story that asked the burning question: What Is It About Snow & French Toast?

©2014 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via The Bossy Sister! Thank you 🙂