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Oh Hi! Hello there, let me introduce myself!

Please, don’t confuse me with the one on a shelf

I’d much rather be, where lies the green grass

I fancy my time, sitting here, on my… butt

The light, it draws sweetness, closer to me

I’m so very happy, watching a lantern fairy

I love how she dances, around, in the night

Sparkling brightly, underneath the starlight

So if you have a moment, or two, to spare

Come sit for a while, I’m happy to share

This place I call home, though fancy, it’s not

But, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, ’cause I sure do, a lot!

Oh dear, did I forget, to tell you my name?

Why it’s Jed, this is true, I must proclaim.


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay