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An anniversary, another date on a calendar already filled with them. And still we celebrate, or mourn, or both at the same time, if that’s even possible.

The end of the year is a rocky one for our family. My husband’s birthday is November 4th. The same day his father passed away, at the age of 55. I try to do what I can to make the day happy for him, and at the same time, honor my father-in-law’s passing. He was very much a dad to me when my own father, aged 57, passed a mere five months after Neil and I married.

We spent a week with my dad in Florida, as part of our two week honeymoon, and for that I will be forever grateful. It’s like he knew he was leaving soon, and getting his house in order while I was there. He passed away on New Year’s Eve 1985, one day after we spoke and said we’d be calling to wish each other a great year ahead. I never had that chance. Instead, I was wakened by a phone call at 1AM telling me he was gone.

I suppose we all have memories of loved ones who have passed. Some may not impact us as much as others, while the really significant ones hit hard.

My father–in-law encouraged me to be a writer. He himself was a published author, a Faulkner Scholar and a Professor of English. I can only hope I am honoring his legacy and making him proud. My dad taught me how to live life. He had more friends than I can ever count, and everyone loved him. I hope I am, also, honoring his vision of living.

Two men

Whose time has passed

Leave behind two children

Encouragement to carry on



V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #45: Anniversary

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