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It’s one AM and I should be sleeping
But of course, dear Auntie Insomnia
Has come to visit, and this time, stays
Far too long as far as I’m concerned
She needs to find a place of her own
One that isn’t in near proximity of me
I can feel my eyelids getting heavy
And the physical being of my body
Collapses, but the mind, oh that mind
Refuses to obey a command for rest
Melatonin escapes through pores
Oozing and weeping, until it is free
And I am left wide awake, exhausted
Hours tick by, the click of the clock
Hanging on my office wall, annoys
A reminder it doesn’t sleep either
Rather, it rallies me to do something
Maybe I’ll play a computer game
Yes, of course, more stimulation
In an overstimulated brain, smart
Real smart solution to this problem
I have long awaited the sandman
But even he has moved onto simple
Tasks he need not hover over
Ones who know the secret, kept
Like good little minions, far away
From the likes of me, the other one
Who simply cannot figure out why
She remains wide awake, exhausted…





©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0